Can Ginseng help fight the Coronavirus?

Morgan Kuphal

Can Ginseng Help Improve Immunity Against COVID-19?

The recent outbreak of the Coronavirus (also known as COVID-19) has people scrambling for ways to protect themselves by boosting their immune systems. Many supplement companies have promoted a variety of products which claim to boost immunity and fight back against disease, but most of these products are completely untested and often do not even contain the listed ingredients.  Right now, it is more important than ever to properly research what treatments are best to keep your immune system strong.

While it is too soon to know for sure that ginseng can help the immune system fight back against this new strain of coronavirus, ginseng has been used to treat upper respiratory illnesses for thousands of years.  In addition, it has recently been researched in hospitals and laboratories to investigate the effect ginseng has on the immune system when responding to a viral infection. These new scientific studies have shown incredibly promising results in promoting immunity.  One study found that ginseng acted as an antiviral for a different coronavirus known as severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS-CoV) which emerged in China in 2003 (source).  Another study showed that taking a daily ginseng extract supplement reduced the duration and severity of colds, flu and other upper respiratory illnesses in healthy adults (source).  Right now, we are staying tuned to see if any new research will be released about how ginseng specifically affects the novel coronavirus COVID-19.

Where can I get ginseng?

It is always recommended to go directly to the source when using any herbal remedy.  Instead of purchasing a pill or extract, try buying the raw herb and brewing your own tea or make your own tincture. You may find that this is a tasty, healthy and enjoyable way to consume natural remedies. In addition, buying directly from herb farms and farmers markets helps keep natural herb farms in business instead of promoting factory farming techniques used by large pharmaceutical companies that produce the pills and extracts found on store shelves.  Most importantly, when you make your own herbal teas and tinctures, you can ensure there are no unnecessary fillers, unwanted additives or harmful chemicals.

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