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Wisconsin Grown American Ginseng Root Extract

Wisconsin Grown Ginseng

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Our Wisconsin American Ginseng Extract is a highly concentrated liquid ginseng tincture supplement made with premium quality American ginseng roots grown on our family owned farm in located in Marathon County, Central Wisconsin.  It is alcohol-free and contains just 3 all natural ingredients: dried American ginseng root, non-GMO vegetable glycerin & water.

Why Choose Wisconsin Grown American Ginseng Extract? 

Ginsenosides are the compounds responsible for the root's health benefits & Wisconsin ginseng is known as the best because it has higher ginsenoside levels than ginseng grown anywhere else in the world.  Our ginseng extract uses 100% pure Wisconsin ginseng and is one of the strongest liquid ginseng formulas on the market.  In addition, the fast-acting liquid formula is easier for the digestive system to absorb, providing a more effective dose compared to solid pills, powder or capsules. 

Suggested Dosage 

Shake well & take 1.5 to 3 mL (30 to 60 drops) 2 to 3 times per day.  Each 1.5 mL dose contains the extract from 500 mg of ginseng root powder.  Each bottle 2 fl oz contains 40 doses.  If preferred, mix it into honey, juice or another flavored beverage before consuming to improve the flavor. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 78 reviews
Excellent Premium Ginseng

Love this American Ginseng Root Extract. It is easy to take, taste good and is alcohol free. Truly premium quality ginseng!

Great Seng!!!

Great quality,super delivery!!👍


This liquid extract is the real deal. I love that the company doesn't use harmful chemicals to grow their ginseng. Add it to your coffee or just take it atraight. I personally like the taste. Just try it and I bet you'll feel the difference.

Wisconsin Ginseng

Thank you for the local American Ginseng! I have wanted to strart using this herb for quite awhile and am happy I found the Wisconsin Grown brand! My adrenals are thanking me for my choice. Wisconsin Grown is powerful and effective for me. I am feeling more energy as a result and will definitely be buying the ginseng again

Thank you for your review! I am glad our ginseng is giving you more energy.

- Morgan K.


I’m late to the ginseng party. This is my first time trying it. My teacher recommended Wisconsin Ginseng. So far I feel as if it’s giving me energy and clarity. Placebo effect? If so, I’ll take it. The main thing is I TRUST this brand to provide pure, true, safe ginseng.

Thank you for your review Ted! I personally take ginseng every morning with my cup of coffee and I certainly notice the effects. I used to drink 4 to 5 cups of coffee per day to keep myself awake, but when I take ginseng I notice that after only 1 cup of coffee I have energy and focus that lasts all day. I am glad that you are also experiencing the benefits of ginseng!

- Morgan K.