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All ginseng products are grown & produced on our family owned farm in Marathon County, Central Wisconsin!

Why Wisconsin Ginseng?

Wisconsin is known worldwide as the best place to grow panax American ginseng due to its perfect temperate climate and rich, sandy soil. These conditions give Wisconsin ginseng its unique and desirable bittersweet flavor. Most importantly, Wisconsin ginseng has higher levels of ginsenocides than ginseng found anywhere else in the world. These ginsenocides are the key ingredient responsible for the root's powerful health benefits.

Buy Premium Wisconsin American Ginseng Online

Our website sells only the highest quality, all natural American Ginseng products.  When you order from Wisconsin Grown Ginseng, you will receive the purest cultivated American Ginseng that Wisconsin has to offer.  All of our ginseng roots are tested to make 100% sure they are free from heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides or any other contaminates.

Our Business Model

Wisconsin Grown Ginseng delivers premium American ginseng from our farm to our customers. By selling directly from our farm, we are able to ensure our product is 100% authentic, high quality Wisconsin ginseng. In addition, working directly with from our farm eliminates the need to purchase ginseng through a ginseng dealer.  By eliminating the middle man, Wisconsin Grown Ginseng reduces the overall price of ginseng for our customers.

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