Wisconsin Grown American Ginseng Root Extract

Wisconsin Grown Ginseng

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Our Wisconsin American Ginseng Extract is a highly concentrated liquid ginseng tincture supplement.  It is made with premium quality American ginseng root fibers harvested on our family owned farm in Central Wisconsin.  The extract is 100% natural, alcohol-free and contains 3 ingredients: dried American ginseng root, non-GMO vegetable glycerin & water.

Why Choose Wisconsin Grown American Ginseng Extract? 

Ginsenosides are the compounds responsible for the health benefits of the Panax quinquefolius plant.  Wisconsin ginseng is specifically known for producing ginseng with higher ginsenoside levels due to the rich, sandy soil and temperate climate.  Our ginseng extract uses 100% pure Wisconsin ginseng and is one of the strongest formulas on the market.  The fast-acting liquid formula is easier for the digestive system to absorb, providing a more effective dose compared to solid pills, powder or capsules. 

Suggested Dosage 

Shake well & take 1.5 to 3 mL (30 to 60 drops) 2 to 3 times per day.  Each 1.5 mL dose contains the extract from 500 mg of ginseng root powder.  Each bottle 2 fl oz contains 40 doses.  If preferred, mix it into honey, juice or another flavored beverage before consuming to improve the flavor. 

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Customer Reviews

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Excellent quality

As an herbalist and avid researcher for sources, I was pleased to find your company and to discover the high quality, USA grown ginseng. Looking forward to incorporating your ginseng into our product line!! Thank you kindly!!!


Wisconsin Grown American Ginseng Root Extract

graves disease support

I have been supporting my graves disease diagnosis with natural adaptogens' for nearly 5 years. This ginseng is very potent. Full of ginsenocides that regulate hormone balance. I have found it to reduce my hyperthyroid conditions, yet remain the energy I need to perform at normal levels. Excellent American product. Thanks!

Wisconsin Grown American Ginseng Root Extract

Quality Product!


Wisconsin Grown American Ginseng Root Extract