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New to ginseng? Try our sample bundle!

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 Are you new to ginseng and don't know what product is right for you?  Try our sample bundle!  This bundle contains 20 tea bags, 4 oz of powder & 2 fl oz of extract.  All of our products are locally produced in Central Wisconsin and shipped directly from our family owned farm. 

  • Making a cup of ginseng tea is a delicious way to warm up in the morning.
  • Ginseng powder can be used by adding a teaspoon to soup, smoothies, shakes, yogurt or oatmeal.
  • Our all natural liquid ginseng extract is a highly concentrated liquid formula to easily get your daily dose of ginseng while on the go.

Try all three methods and see which works best for you!  Also, be sure to check out our video guide for 10 different ways to use ginseng.

Wisconsin Grown American Ginseng Root Tea Bags

20 tea bags each containing 2 grams of premium quality 100% pure coarsely ground Wisconsin grown American ginseng root harvested in Central Wisconsin, USA. 

Steep in 8 ounces of water at 208 °F (98 °C) for 3 to 5 minutes. 

All of our products are grown & produced on our family owned American ginseng farm. 

Wisconsin Grown American Ginseng Root Powder 

4 oz of premium quality 100% pure Wisconsin grown American ginseng powder harvested and ground in Central Wisconsin, USA.  This powdered ginseng is made with the whole ginseng root and ginseng fibers to ensure the highest quality.

All of our products are grown & produced on our family owned American ginseng farm. 

Wisconsin Grown American Ginseng Root Extract 

Our Wisconsin American Ginseng Extract is a highly concentrated liquid ginseng tincture supplement made with premium quality American ginseng roots grown on our family owned farm in located in Central Wisconsin.  It is alcohol-free and contains just 3 all natural ingredients: dried American ginseng root, non-GMO vegetable glycerine & water.

Why Choose Wisconsin Grown American Ginseng Extract? 

Ginsenosides are the compounds responsible for the root's health benefits & Wisconsin ginseng is known as the best because it has higher ginsenoside levels than ginseng grown anywhere else in the world.  Our ginseng extract uses 100% pure Wisconsin ginseng and is one of the strongest liquid ginseng formulas on the market.  In addition, the fast-acting liquid formula is easier for the digestive system to absorb, providing a more effective dose compared to solid pills, powder or capsules. 

Suggested Dosage 

Add 1.5 ml (about 30 drops or 1 full dropper) to any flavored beverage up to three times a day.  Each 2 oz bottle contains 40 doses. Each 1.5 ml dose contains the extracted compounds from 500 mg of dried ginseng root. 

100% Money Back Refund Policy!

For any further questions about this or other products, please contact us.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

Did not do much for me. Didn't notice a difference where it should have counted. Am disappointed.

I am very sorry to hear that you are disappointed in the ginseng products that you received from us. The effects of ginseng can vary by person. Some folks see immediate results while others experience subtle changes. Ginseng is taken for various reasons , i.e, increased energy, immune boosting, fatigue or endurance but is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease. You can also try adjusting the amount that you are taking to see if makes a difference.

Take care and be well,
Laurie, WGG


It’s good

Thank you so much Nhung!
Take care and be well,
Laurie, WGG

Rose Tran

Good quality.

Thank you so much Rose!
Take care and be well,
Laurie, WGG

nice experience

This is my first time ordering American Gensing online. I got my product timely. Everything is as expected as I wanted except American ginseng loose tea. Loose tea tastes fine but a larger piece will be better for me. They do a great job. I will order more in the future. Thanks

Hello Maochang,
Thank you so much for your kind words and for leaving us this review.The tea-cut ginseng does work a little better for making tea (or even the prongs).
We appreciate your feedback.
Take care and be well,
Laurie, WGG

Huong Pham


Hello Huong,
Based on your rating, I am very sorry to hear that you are not pleased with your order. If there is something wrong, please let us know so that we can get this corrected. You can email us at or call us at (715) 737-9191.
Again, my apologies if something was not right about your order.

Take care and be well,
Laurie, WGG