Stratified Wisconsin American Ginseng Seed - [Limited Supply Available]

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Ginseng seeds are now available for fall 2021 planting!

Premium quality stratified American Ginseng (Panax quinquefolius) seeds hand picked in Central Wisconsin, USA.  Our ginseng seeds are stratified washed and floated to remove non-viable seeds.  Please note, not all seeds will be viable.  Expect about a 70%-80% rate of germination over the spring of 2022, depending on growing conditions.

These seeds have been stratified which is a process of burying the seeds in sand and allowing them to freeze during the winter.  This will allow the seeds to germinate once they are planted.  In order to keep the seeds viable, keep them cool and moist with a damp towel over a bucket or other container.  Plant before the end of the 2021 planting season.

Seeds can be germinated indoors or outdoors.  For more information about growing American Ginseng, check out this article.

All of our products are locally produced in Central Wisconsin and shipped directly from our family owned farm. 

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Customer Reviews

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I purchased a bag of seeds from here last fall and planted them across my farm and in some containers in potting soil. This week I went and checked the containers and there they were, tons of small ginseng plants! Very excited to get them planted and check how my other seeds i planted around my farm have turned out. At least I know the seeds here actually grow as Ive had problems getting good seeds. Will for sure be purchasing more this fall if all possible.

Just Planted in the Fall

The company was great at getting the product to me. Will let you know in the spring how the seeds did!

Hello Katherine,

Thank you for your review! Please let us know how your crop does next spring.

- Morgan K.

Great Company and Products

Had small issue on my end with address. Picked up phone called issue resolved within the day. Next day package was shipped and delivered in 3 business days. Highly recommended.


Everything was easy and fast. Looking forward to getting more next year

Excellent quality seed

I bought stratified seed. It arrived quickly and was planted the next day. Based on appearance it was in good condition and will probably germinate well. I’m looking forward to seeing the sprouts in the Spring.