2021 Harvest

Laurie Pagel

Here are the pictures from our 2021 harvest which took place at the beginning of October.

2021 Wisconsin Ginseng Harvest Trailer

First, the roots are dug from the ground using a special implement similar to one used to dig up potatoes. 

2021 Harvest Ginseng Trailer

Then, the roots are loaded by hand into a trailer.  This allows workers to inspect each root and discard roots that have any blemishes or discoloration. 

2021 Wisconsin Ginseng Harvest Roots Closeup

This year's roots look great! 

2021 Harvest Ginseng Roots In Dryer Being Dried

After the roots are harvested, they are thoroughly rinsed and sent into the dryer. 

2021 Ginseng Root Harvest Being Dried

 After 3 to 4 weeks of drying, the roots are ready to be packaged and shipped! 

Drying Ginseng Roots From 2021 Harvest

By the beginning of November, all of the roots sold on our website will come from our 2021 harvest.

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