How To Slice Dried Wisconsin American Ginseng Roots in 4 Easy Steps

Morgan Kuphal

American ginseng root slices are perfect to easily make ginseng tea or chewing to get your daily dose of ginseng, however finding high quality ginseng root slices can be difficult.  The best way to know you are getting ginseng slices made from high quality ginseng roots it to buy authentic Wisconsin ginseng roots and slice them yourself.
American ginseng roots that have been properly dried are very hard and almost impossible to slice.  In order to slice dried ginseng, it is recommended that you first steam the roots until they are soft enough to easily slice with a sharp kitchen knife.  Just follow the 4 easy steps below to make your own ginseng slices.
  • Heat 2-3 inches of water in a pot until boiling
  • Place dried ginseng roots in a vegetable steamer over the pot of boiling water
  • Cover the vegetable steamer and steam the roots for:
    • 5-10 minutes for small roots
    • 15-20 minutes for medium roots
    • 20-25 minutes for large roots
    • 25-30 minutes for jumbo roots
  • Remove the roots from the vegetable steamer and slice using a sharp knife

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