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Whole Root Wisconsin American Ginseng - Size Jumbo

Wisconsin Grown Ginseng

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Premium quality 100% pure Wisconsin grown American ginseng roots harvested in Central Wisconsin, USA. The ginseng roots are untrimmed, dried and have been sorted by size.  Any damaged or discolored roots have been removed and discarded. 

All of our products are locally produced in Central Wisconsin and shipped directly from our family owned farm. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Minh Truong

My mom loves this ginseng! She said it is not getting mold as the others.

Hello Minh,
Oh my, it sounds to me like the ginseng you purchased from someone else was either old or was not dried properly. So glad to hear that your Mom is happy with our ginseng.

Thank you for letting us know.
Take care and be well,
Laurie, WGG

Kyong Yun

Whole Root Wisconsin American Ginseng - Size Jumbo

Thank you so much Kyong!
Take care and be well,
Laurie, WGG

Khuong chau
Whole root American Ginseng is the best!

I ordered all different items and tried them out, overall the whole roots ginseng and root slides are the best among others,it’s tasty and aroma when dipped in hot water at 208 degrees for fifteen minutes or longer when it’s warm enough for you to sip, it’s delicious and effective to warm your body in any weather,but I love it when cold and rainy weather,one piece of slide ginseng in your mouth to keep your thirst aside whenever you’re fishing,hunting.. I used it daily at my work. To my experience it’s stabilized the alcohol after drinking it as hot as mentioned above,we are testing it nightly for one week.clear sinuses or getting cold or drain out. I am happy to order from Whole Root Wisconsin American Ginseng. Buy it at home.looks no further. Thanks

Wow, What a great review! We are grateful for your kind words and that you took the time to share your story.

Take care and be well!
Laurie, WGG

Paul Hover
Jumbo makes savory tea!

Travels in East Asia have given me a taste for quality Ginseng, and I appreciate that we grow Whole Root Wisconsin American Ginseng - Size Jumbo domestically. Great taste, also for stews.

Hello Paul,
Thank you very much for this nice review! I'm happy to hear that you are pleased with our ginseng.

Take care and be well,
Laurie, WGG

George Tran
Good Ginseng

Very good size ginseng. Shipping package is excellent and shipping time was expeditious. It would be nice the age of the ginseng is listed on the web site and the package. I will buy it again.

Hello George,
Thank you so much for this great review and your kind words. Regarding the age, all of our sized roots were four years old at the time of harvest last fall (2021).

Take care and be well,
Laurie, WGG